Made of best selection "A" grade solid wood. Hand selected, hand sanded, hand glued and hand finished with natural oil and wax. Each frame may be equipped with aluminium hanger.


We offer you few types of wood which are common used for photo exhibition purposes. But of course we do not reject any of your personal needs regarding specific details of wood for complementing your photos. We will do whatever we can to offer you another solution. We actually have selection of almost 30 types best quality wood*

* acacia, birch, oak, sycamore, ash, maple, chestnut, iroko, sapelli, meranti, merbau, black walnut, european walnut, amaranth, sweet cherry, apple, cherry, pear, red cedar, wenge, basewood, jatoba, afromosia, louro preto, teak, ebony.


Spacers are made of the same wood type as frames. Dimensions of spacers are determined of proflie dimensions and are subject to discuss. We may suggest you the best solutions.



We offer you professional glazing made by Tru Vue® company. High-quality, anti-reflective glass with UV protection, optically coated to create a nearly invisible finish.



If your photos required a window cut passe-partout you can choose between acid free museum highest quality matboards. We use well recognized Dutch Royal Moormann products only.


As a securing backplate we offer 2 or 3 mm thickness aluminium dibond plate or thick acid-free carton board - neutral complements for quality photos.