AFROMOSIA - Pericopsis elata


ORIGIN - West Africa
NAME - afromosia, afromosia, african teak - Pericopsis elata
COLOR - yellowish brown to golden with olive hue, with color tending to darken over time
CITES* - yes

APPLE - Malus spp.

ORIGIN - throughout temperate climate
NAME - apple - Malus spp.
COLOR - reddish to grayish, sometimes with darker streaks or bands
CITES* - no

ASH - Fraxinus spp.

ORIGIN - Europe, Asia
NAME -  European Ash - Fraxinus spp.
COLOR -  light to medium brown with darker streaks
CITES* - no

BASSWOOD - Tilia europea

ORIGIN - Europe
NAME - linden, European lime - Tilia europea
COLOR - pale white to yellow, tends to darken with age
CITES* - no


ORIGIN - Northwest America
NAME - western red cedar- Thuja plicata
COLOR - reddish to pinkish brown, often with random streaks of darker areas
CITES* - no

CHERRY - Prunus spp.

ORIGIN - North America, Europe, Asia
NAME -  cherry, black cherry - Prunus spp.
COLOR -  light pinkish brown, tends to darken with age
CITES* - no

CHESTNUTAesculus hippocastanum

ORIGIN - Eastern Europe
NAME - horse chestnut - Aesculus hippocastanum
COLOR - creamy white to yellowish brown
CITES* - no

EBONY AFRICAN - Diospyros Crassiflora


ORIGIN - equatorial West Africa
NAME -  African ebony - Diospyros Crassiflora
COLOR -  generally black with occasionally dark brown or grayish-brown streaks
CITES* - no, except wild growing species from Madagascar

IROKO - Milicia excelsa

ORIGIN - tropical Africa
NAME - iroko - Milicia excelsa, Milicia regia (syn. Chlorophora excelsa, Chlorophora regia)
COLOR - yellow to golden, even green or medium brown, with color tending to darken over time
CITES* - no

LOURO PRETO - Cordia spp.

ORIGIN - tropical Americas
NAME - louro preto, laurel negro - Cordia spp.
COLOR - medium brown with reddish areas and darker brown streaks. Color tends to darken with age
CITES* - no

MAHOGANY HONDURAN - Swietenia macrophylla

ORIGIN - Latin and Central South America
NAME - Honduran mahogany - Swietenia macrophylla
COLOR -  from a pale pinkish brown to reddish brown, with color tending to darken over time
CITES* - yes

MAPLE - Acer spp.

ORIGIN - Europe, Northeastern North America
NAME - white maple, American maple, hard maple, sugar maple, rock maple - Acer spp..
COLOR - nearly white to cream color sometimes with golden hue. Color tends to darken with age.
CITES* - no

MERANTI - Shorea spp.

ORIGIN - Southeast Asia
NAME - meranti red, dar red meranti, light red meranti, yellow meranti, phillipine mahogany - Shorea spp.
COLOR - from pale straw, light and dark reddish, even purplish brown, often with white resin streaks
CITES* - no

MERBAU - Intsia spp.

ORIGIN - mainly Southeast Asia
NAME - merbau - Intsia spp.
COLOR - orange, golden, reddish-brown to very dark, with golden spots between grain. Highly variable in colors
CITES* - no

OAK - Quercus spp.

ORIGIN - Europe, North America, Minor Asia
NAME - European oak, English oak, white oak - Quercus spp.
COLOR - light to medium brown, with an olive cast, but can be highly variable in colors
CITES* - no

PEAR - Pyrus spp.

ORIGIN - native to Europe, sometimes other temperate climate regions
NAME -  pear - Pyrus spp.
COLOR -  light reddish brown
CITES* - no

ROSEWOOD - Dalbergia spp.


ORIGIN - Middle and South America, South and Southeast Asia, Madagascar
NAME - rosewood, palisander - Dalbergia spp.
COLOR - highly variable in color - from light orange, reddish brown to golden and deep purplish brown with streaks
CITES* - yes - some species

SAPELLIEntandrophragma cylindricum

ORIGIN - Tropical Africa
NAME - sapelli, sapelle, sapele mahogany, african mahogany - Entandrophragma cylindricum
COLOR - golden to dark reddish brown with color tending to darken over time
CITES* - no

SWEET CHERRY - Prunus avium

ORIGIN - Europe, Asia
NAME - European cherry, sweet cherry - Prunus avium
COLOR - pinkish brown, tending to darken over time
CITES* - no

TEAK - Tectona grandis

ORIGIN - Southern Asia but widely grown on plantations throughout tropica Africa and America
NAME - teak - Tectona grandis
COLOR - yellow to golden, even green or medium brown, with color tending to darken over time
CITES* - no

WALNUT BLACK - Juglans nigra

ORIGIN - Eastern United States
NAME - black walnut - Juglans nigra
COLOR - pale brown to dark chocolate with darker brown streaks even almost black
CITES* - no

WALNUT EUROPEAN - Juglans regia

ORIGIN - Europe, Asia
NAME -  common walnut, French walnut - Juglans regia
COLOR -  pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker streaks
CITES* - no

WENGEMillettia laurenti


ORIGIN - Central Africa
NAME - wenge - Millettia laurenti
COLOR - from medium brown with reddish or pinksh hue and black streaks. When oiled color become almost black
CITES* - no

* CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. If wood species is marked "Yes" it means some restrictions in trade, if "No" it means no restrictons. More infos on cites.org