Handmade wooden frames intended for displaying a calendar printed on individual cards or other promotional materials. This product can be personalized in various ways - embossed numbers or inscriptions on the wood, dry stamps, printed covers, stickers on box etc.

20x30cm or 29.7x21.0cm [A4] *

* means the glass size and the maximum size of the work of art that may be exposed in this frame. Frames can be hung on wall or placed on shelf/ table either horizontally and vertically. Depending on the thickness of the paper, we can put inside up to 100 sheets.

width 1.5 cm / depth 4.0 cm

oak *

* we can use any wood - also rare, exotic species. We have over 30 species in stocks.


standard glass / inner felt padding/ underside full passe-partout / carton backplate


black fabric cover with suede strap / embossed logo on cotton paper / foam corners/ carton shipping box

All frames manufacured by TENGU are in limited edition and made of best selection "A" grade quality solid wood.  Hand sanded, hand glued and hand finished with natural oil and wax. We don’t practice any industrial ways of joining moulds by staples or nails or using any ready-made mass profiles. In this way we leave you a significant influence on the final appearance of the ordered frame.

For building our frames we always use solid wood only. This means that they are made entirely of material which, due to their specificity may vary slightly fiber wood construction, color, grain and texture within the same species. Each frame is unique and has its own individual look.